Maria and Vincenzo Lamanna established the Isle of Capri in the spring of 1955. After many, many years in business you still feel the warm and family friendly atmosphere you felt in the beginning.

Maria and Vincenzo came to the United States from Calabria in 1937 and began their venture, a gourmet delicatessen located on East 59th Street called “Lamanna Importers”, in the late 1940s. Together with Gloria and Jane, they worked hard and took pride in selling imported delicacies.

In 1955, they decided to take on another venture, and started the Isle of Capri Restaurant along with a partner from Capri, and this is where the name comes from. After a few months, Vincenzo assumed sole ownership of the restaurant.

At first, the Isle of Capri had a small menu consisting of desserts, coffees, and panini (a traditional Italian sandwich). As time went on, the menu expanded, and Maria, who was known by her customers as “Mamma” throughout the upper east side, brought with her from the Calabria region of Italy a unique charm and culinary expertise that still exists today. The Isle of Capri chefs have been apprenticed in the same culinary style, which has been handed down through the years.

With the passing of Vincenzo in 1990 and Mamma in 1993, the tradition still continues with their daughters and co-owners, Gloria and Jane.

The Isle of Capri is known for its consistency, which will explain its close following and repeat business. There are a lot of customers that have been dining in the restaurant since 1955, and continue to dine today.

Come dine at the Isle of Capri restaurant and share the experience as so many have throughout the years.
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